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Our FAQs

Review our Frequently Asked Questions.

Making a reservation

  • Can I reserve a room in advance?

    You can make a reservation for either tonight or tomorrow night (depending on the hotel's availability). By only offering truly last-minute rooms, we are able to negotiate excellent rates with our hotels.

  • Can I book for more than 1 night?

    Yes, as long as there is space! We work hard to make sure that you will always find a room for the night in all of our cities. Additionally, for those who prefer a longer stay, we offer many hotels with availability for up to 7 consecutive nights.

  • Why do you only show a few hotels in each city?

    Our hotels are last minute, so every second counts... Rather than presenting you with a long list of hotels of varying quality, we do the work for you. With Blink by Groupon, you get to see only premium hotels at the lowest possible prices in an instant.

  • How late can I book?

    When we say last minute, we mean last minute! You can make a reservation for the same night until 6am… Perfect for a snooze after a night of partying or an all-nighter in the office.

  • Can I cancel my reservation?

    We accept reservations until 6am, so you can wait until you’re certain that you need the room before you book it. All our reservations are non-refundable as this is the only way we can negotiate such good prices with our partner hotels.

  • What type of room will I get?

    To keep things simple, we ensure that all our rooms will fit two people comfortably – either with double/Queen/King or twin size beds. The type of room allocated will depend on the hotel's availability.

  • Can I book a room for someone else?

    Sure, just change your name to the guest’s name when you reach the booking screen.

Our deals

  • How good are your prices?

    Very good! We check our prices against major online travel agents every day. We offer up to 70% off competitor prices and, even at busy times, we’re still able to offer a significant discount.

  • Will there always be a room for me?

    We work really hard to ensure that we always have rooms in every city that we operate in. But, when the whole world descends on a small city for a big event, we may struggle to have enough rooms for all our users so, make sure you check the app early on! We release rooms from 11am on the day before and on the day itself, so be prepared!

  • I prefer to book in advance. Why should I wait until the last minute?

    Booking last-minute with Blink by Groupon lets you take advantage of those great deals on premium hotels that you wouldn't get if you booked in advance. It also gives you the flexibility of changing your plans without incurring cancellation fees: just book on the day, when you know for sure where you want to stay!

  • Why would I need a last-minute hotel?

    Hundreds of reasons! Here's just a few of the examples given by Blink by Groupon users: a) I missed my flight. b) I fancied a night of pampering in a nice hotel without travelling anywhere. c) My meeting over-ran. Again. d) Someone told us to get a room at the party… so we did! e) The concert finished soooo late that we couldn’t get a train home. f) I locked myself out of my flat!

Our hotels

  • How do you choose your hotels?

    We only work with a selection of premium hotels that we like and that we think our customers will like too. We think life is too short to look through 200 hotel options ranked by a mysterious computer somewhere. So, we do all the hard work for you and give you the edited highlights – always at the best price.

  • What can I expect from a Blink by Groupon hotel?

    Our hotels are typically 4* hotels in great locations with top-notch service. They’re often boutique and independent as we prefer brilliant design to monotonous chain hotels. Occasionally, you’ll find that a city is very busy, in which case we may include a broader range of hotels to ensure that you don’t need to sleep on the street!

  • I know this great hotel – you should work with them!

    Whether you’re the owner, the sous-chef or an enthusiastic guest, just drop us a line at and we’ll take a look.


  • What happened to the vouchers?

    Our voucher policy has changed and voucher codes can no longer be entered into the app. Don't worry though, you can still use vouchers redeemed in the past! Just make sure you use them before they expire.

  • How do I use a voucher?

    Just press the "Use Voucher" button on the hotel confirmation screen and you'll be prompted to select from among your existing vouchers.

  • Can I use multiple vouchers?

    You may only use one voucher per person and per reservation.